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Prowl looked up as the door to the lounge opened. Jazz stomped in, ranting and raving. It was not hard to spot the reason, though—Jazz was looking worse for wear, with a huge hole in his abdomen and his own head cupped in his hands.

“What happened? Did you die again?” Prowl asked nonchalantly, sipping his energon.

“Writers don’t know style when they see it…” Jazz muttered under his breath. “They didn’t even give me any time to show off my best moves before they…”

“I see…” Prowl whipped out a datapad and marked something on it. “Looks like we’ve got a tie now. Two to two—and if you count that time I got lost in subspace in Binaltech, it’s three to two in my favor.”

“Which one of us do you think’s gonna kick the bucket next time?” Jazz asked, plopping down on the seat next to Prowl and placing his head on his shoulders the best that he could.

“Are you really going to waste time on such irrelevant speculations?” Prowl sighed and shook his head. “I have more important matters that I need to attend to.”

“Come on, just a quick bet, Prowler. Break time’s not over yet.” Jazz  used his fingers to try and stretch his mouth into a grin, but gave up after he realized that Prowl was probably staring at him oddly.

“Alright then…logically, since I have had more animated appearances, the audience will be more acclimated to me. Therefore, the chances that I will appear and then die shall be greater than yours.”

“Fine, then I bet fifty credits that I die first.” Jazz replied. After his death in the live-action movie, Jazz had decided to make a joke that in universes where he and Prowl both appeared, one of them was bound to die before the cartoon or movie was over. Prowl had, of course, been reluctant to go along with Jazz’s theory at first, but after his second animated death (to be honest, Prowl had been a little happy at that, seeing how he could dump the armor—it had its uses, yes, but occasionally it was cumbersome), Prowl had subscribed to the idea to the point that he even created a checklist for their various deaths.

“If we’re betting anything, then let us set down some rules. First, no suicides, especially not for this bet.”

“Prowl, I’m ashamed of you!” Jazz behaved as if he was scandalized. “You know me better than that!”

“Second, no counting upgrades: the spark has to be absent from the body for some period of time.” Prowl continued, disregarding Jazz’s remarks. “Third, no changing the terms of the bet half-way through.”

“I’m in.” Jazz shrugged. “Shake on it?”

“Sure.” Prowl extended his servo.

In another area of the base, Smokescreen suddenly leapt up. “I feel…someone making a bet…That’s right! Someone’s gambling! I have to go take a look—maybe I’ll really hit the jackpot with this one!”

“Yay! Betting!” Sideswipe cheered, following Smokescreen out the door.

“Hey, don’t forget me if you win!” Sunstreaker chased after his brother. Although he was grouchy about constantly being denied appearances, he was still curious about the possible bet that Smokescreen was heading towards.

“Gambling? What is gambling?” Jetstorm asked his brother, curious.

“Is sport? How you play?” Jetfire asked, equally curious.

“Hear Mr. Sideswipe be saying a lot. Is beat up on Decepticons, no?” Jetstorm speculated.

“I be wanting to gamble. Can do with sports gear, no?” Jetfire was eagerly clutching a bat.

“Don’t worry about it, guy—I’ll give you a crash course when we get there.” Sideswipe smirked at the twins. While he and Sunstreaker were a little peeved about not being the only twins in the base anymore, the two new pairs of twins had proved to be naïve and easily corruptible—a fact that had brought the Lamborghinis much delight.

“I’ll clean out yer wallet, ya overgrown Chihuahua!” Skids blew a digital raspberry at Mudflap.

“Says who?” Mudflap returned the favor to his twin.

A few minutes later, the gang made their way to the lounge, where they found Prowl and Jazz, having just finished the terms of their be, trying to figure out whether comic book deaths should be counted into the total death tally. (Prowl was of the mind that since the Marvel comic never permanently killed anyone, it shouldn’t count, while Jazz was arguing that any form of death counted)

“So…can we play?” Smokescreen leaned over and plucked the datapad out of Prowl’s hands. “Let’s see…death tally—Prowl three, Jazz two. And Jazz is betting fifty credits on himself? Well…I guess I’ll bet Prowl then.” Smokescreen marked his bet next to Prowl’s.

“Not these guys again…” Prowl sighed as the three pairs of twins crowded around Smokescreen.

“The more the merrier—eh, Prowl?” Jazz patted his friend on the back before standing up to join the crowd.

“And we finally had some private time soon…” Prowl buried his head in his servos. It was going to be a long day.
A quick little drabble I wrote after commenting on Yamcat's picture. [link] It dawned on me that in universes that have both Prowl and Jazz, one of them is bound to die before the story's over. Therefore, my brain decided to spawn this fic about Prowl and Jazz betting about who dies next. References to Animated and the 2007 movie (try to spot them). Please read and leave a comment.

Please note, this plays with the theory that Transformers are actors of sorts that get to play themselves in adaptations of their story. Hope I got everyone in character
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Aurrawings Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LMAO. I love the idea of putting everyone together in sort of a 'behind the scenes' look
MisfitsChibis Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Vexza Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
LOL. Awesome. xP

"Naive and easily corruptible." o.0 xD

Uh... can I bet on Prowl, or does it not count anymore? xP
lotus-genie Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
Well, we have to wait till the next movie/cartoon/comic
scannerfield Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009
:giggle: nice story :D
lotus-genie Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009
Thanks. Who are you betting on?
scannerfield Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009
Idk I think it might be jazz ;p
lotus-genie Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009
Well, let's wait and see then. I'm going to be tallying up the votes for both sides. (And no betting on Optimus Prime since it's almost guaranteed that he'll die at least once)
scannerfield Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009
:rofl: true Op dies in every transformers i think
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